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Financial Planning

When to Collect Social Security Education

When to Collect Social Security Education

Posted On: December 22, 2020 by First Option Bank in: Financial Wellness, General, Tips & Tricks

Even if you have a great savings plan in place, Social Security can be an important source of future income. Take our short lesson to learn more about Social Security and how you might plan to use it to support your living expenses in retirement. We will explore: The significance of Social Security to your retirement income How the timing of collecting Social Security affects your benefits Evaluating how much of your retirement expenses Social Security will cover
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Tags: Financial Education, Financial Planning, Financial Wellness, Retirement, Social Security, Tips & Tricks

October is Financial Planning Month

Financial Planning Month 2020

Posted On: October 3, 2020 by First Option Bank in: Financial Wellness, General, Insurance Services, Investment Services, Tips & Tricks, Trust Services

October Is Financial Planning Month Six areas of personal finance to review.

When training to become a financial professional, much of our course work centers on the six critical areas of creating a financial strategy. Some recognize October as Financial Planning Month, so it's an excellent opportunity to review those six personal finance areas.1

Cash Management: This is a broad topic that can address many issues. One area is creating an emergency fund,...

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Tags: Financial Planning, Financial Planning Month, Financial Services, First Option Financial Services, Insurance, Investments, October, Personal Finance, Trust, Wealth Management

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