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America Saves Week 2022 - Save as a Family


“We just didn’t talk about money.” That sentiment from Amy in the above video is similar and heard far too often from Americans when asked about how their childhood prepared them for the financial responsibility of being an adult.


In the past, talking about money has largely been a taboo subject. What we can now conclude is that avoiding such a crucial topic does not benefit young adults, and poor finance skills can follow you throughout your life. The earlier you start age appropriate conversations and instill a positive savings mindset, the better financially stable your family will be.


Having money conversations can be as simple as finding ways to save together, as a family. As we round out America Saves Week, we want you to spend time thinking about how you can encourage the young people in your life to #ThinkLikeASaver. After all, savings can be both tangible (like saving in a piggy bank) and intangible (like preserving energy by turning off the lights).


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