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School Logo Debit Card


Switch to a card with purpose - First Option's School Logo Debit Cards.

Make a Difference and Help Students in Our Communities with Every Swipe of Your Debit Card

At First Option Bank, we take great pride in being a financial institution that is committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. In fact, First Option Bank has donated over $2,100,000 to local schools through our school logo debit card program.
Give back every time you shop with any of our First Option Bank School Logo Visa® Debit Cards. With every purchase First Option will donate a portion of the transaction fee to the school of your choice.  All you have to do is swipe your card and sign, or use the credit function, when making a purchase. There are no restrictions or limits - the more you use your card, the more we'll give back (ATM withdrawals are excluded).


Swipe + Sign = Support


The more people using the School Logo Debit Cards and signing for purchases, the greater the donation paid to the schools. Tell your friends and family to get one too. Start making a difference today!


Click here to see if your school is participating in the program.


Get your own School Logo Visa Debit Card

Visit your nearest Location to set up a checking account or switch your current card to a school logo debit card

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Browse your school's designs. Get your FREE Instant Issue School Logo Visa® Debit Card 

Every time you swipe + sign or use the credit function, we donate to your school.

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Benton Card Design 1          Benton Card Design 2


Blue Valley

Troy Card Design 1          Troy Card Design 2


Central Card Design 1          Central Card Design 2


Holy Trinity Catholic School

Holy Trinity Card Design 1     Holy Trinity Card Design 2



Horton Card Design 1          Horton Card Design 2



LaFayette Card Design 1          LaFayette Card Design 2



Louisburg Card Design 1          Louisburg Card Design 2



Osawatomie Card Design 1          Benton Card Design 2



Paola Card Design 1          Paola Card Design 2


Prairie View

Prairie View Card Design 1    Prairie View Card Design 2



Riverside Card Design 1          Riverside Card Design 2


Spring Hill

Spring Hill Card Design 1          Spring Hill Card Design 2



Troy Card Design 1          Troy Card Design 2


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