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4 Cyber Safety Tips You Should Know

Cybercriminals are not only focusing on businesses, they're also targeting individual end-users like you. Phishing, vishing, pharming, ransomware, and crypto-jacking are just a few of the cybercrimes you could fall victim to.

Understand and follow these four cyber safety tips to keep yourself from becoming the next cybercrime victim.



1 - Multi-Factor Authentication

If your favorite website has the ability for you to add that onto your regular user ID and password please do so. We have that turned on by default on our internet banking and mobile banking platforms.


2 - Caller ID

It's very easy to spoof caller ID and make it look like it's coming from a different person. So if you ever get a call that looks like it's coming from first option bank, and it sounds fishy or something just doesn't seem right, hang up immediately and call your local institution.


3 - Internet Banking Password and User ID

There will never be a situation where an employee will ask you for either one of those two things. If you ever get a phone call asking you for any one of those items hang up immediately.


4 - Emails and Text Messages

If you are not 100% sure that you know that an email or a text message you receive is legitimate. It's always best practice to just delete it and move on. If you'd like to research a little bit more, then you can use your favorite search engine to go directly to the company's website that's sending you the email or the text. Don't use the information that you find on those emails or texts. But instead, use the contact information that you find on their website.



Hopefully some of these tips will be very helpful to you.  Here at First Option Bank, we are constantly monitoring the situation as it develops. If you have any questions or concerns about that or any other items, never hesitate to call any one of our locations at (913)557-0800. We're always happy to help!


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