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Emergency Savings

Emergency Savings

Emergency savings 101: How to get started

Posted On: February 1, 2022 by First Option Bank in: Tips & Tricks

Do you know how many months' worth of expenses is recommended for an emergency fund?

Many Americans can't afford a spontaneous $500 expense, let alone a larger emergency. Through savings accounts at First Option Bank, you can start building your fund and feeling more financially secure every day.

With a little extra research and planning, you can create a savings strategy that aligns with your personal financial goals. 

Learn more about starting a savings...

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Emergency Fund

38 Reasons You Need At Least a $500 Emergency Fund

Posted On: February 23, 2021 by First Option Bank in: Banking, Financial Wellness, General, News, Tips & Tricks

During America Saves Week we're taking a look at why you need an emergency fund.

Recently the Federal reserve noted that almost half of Americans don't have $400 cash available in an emergency fund. 

As our country continues to recover from the health and financial crisis, there are many other reasons to ensure that you save for the unexpected, both big and small.

Click Here to see all 38 reasons why you need at least $500 in Savings on...

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