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Picture of Christian Toman - Head of Private Banking

Christian Toman
Head of Private Banking

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Trust Services

The team of trust professionals at First Option Bank has over a century of in-depth experience and the expertise to support all facets of trust services and administration. We will work with your legal and tax advisors as we strive to find just the right options to manage, grow, and protect your assets for the future.

Picture of Trust Team which includes Trust Officer Carolyn Jacobs, Senior Trust Officer Kathy Lovig, Private Banking Officer Chris Toman, Trust Officer Betty Hewitt, and Administrative Assistant Keri Peterson

Carolyn Jacobs, Trust Officer
Kathy Lovig, Senior Trust Officer
Chris Toman, Private Banking Officer
Betty Hewitt, Trust Officer
Keri Peterson, Administrative Assistant

With First Option Bank’s Trust Services you can enjoy a full menu of financial planning programs including:

Trust Administration

  • Professional assistance in managing your financial affairs
  • Family assets are kept intact for future generations
  • Reduce exposure to estate and inheritance taxes
  • Pass assets to your family or to charities of your choice

Estate Planning

  • Professional assistance in managing and protecting your property
  • Minimize the impact of estate and inheritance taxes

Retirement Plans

  • Resource for retirement income

Agency and Custody Agreements

  • Asset management and record keeping with your own designated investment advisor
  • Full-service operation for corporations, companies and foundations seeking assistance in safekeeping, keeping records, corporate actions and posting of assets, interest, dividends and maturities

Whatever your needs may be, the Trust Professionals at First Option Bank welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. Call 913-294-3811 or e-mail [email protected] to set up a free consultation today.


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