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Trust Administration

Trust Administration is an arrangement in which a trustee (for example, First Option Bank) manages property for the benefit of an individual or organization (the trustor).

Who can benefit?

  • People who need assistance managing financial affairs
  • Those who want to keep family assets intact for future generations
  • Families who want to reduce exposure to estate and inheritance taxes
  • Clients who want to pass assets to a charitable organization


Estate Planning

The estate planning process can seem overwhelming and the professionals at First Option Bank can help you understand your options. Your assets can be preserved for the benefit of future generations through investing, managing, and administering your property to maximize its income and growth potential.

Who can benefit?

  • People who need professional assistance in managing and protecting property
  • Those who want to minimize the impact of estate and inheritance taxes


Agency and Custody Agreements

The professionals at First Option Bank can provide a variety of agreements to assist you in record keeping, asset management, and custody of assets. The types of accounts range from personal to corporate.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals who are looking for asset management and record keeping with their own designated investment advisor
  • Corporations, companies and foundations that are looking for a full-service operation that will assist in safekeeping, keeping records, corporate actions, and posting of assets, interest, dividends, and maturities.


Charitable Foundations

First Option Bank is proud to serve as Trustee for a number of charitable and community foundations. These foundations have given millions of dollars back to primarily local non-profit organizations and provided scholarships for many students seeking higher education.

Please contact one of our trust professionals today if you would like information on establishing a charitable foundation and how you may leave your legacy.

Insurance and Investment products are:
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