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First Option Bank Trusteed Foundations Application Guidelines

Evaluation Guidelines

  • The requesting organization must qualify for tax exempt status under Section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, for such purposes as constitutes public charitable purposes.
  • The requesting organization’s structure and management, including establishing of objectives, budget and board of directors and staff responsibilities.
  • Possible duplication of government or private sector efforts
  • Whether, and how, the success or failure of the program can be effectively measured
  • The programs’ impact on the community


Because we cannot fund every worthwhile endeavor, we direct our resources to those areas (focused mainly in Miami County, Kansas) where we feel the most critical needs exist and where our support can have the greatest impact.  In general, the Foundation does NOT consider funding the following:

  • Organizations and programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
  • Agencies which are operating as chapters of a state or national organization
  • Individuals
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of any one religious group
  • Tickets or tables for benefit purposes
  • Advertising for benefit purposes
  • Loans or investments

Recipient Accountability

It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure that the grant is used for the purposes indicated in the grant request. In certain cases, the recipient may be asked to sign a statement to this effect. If for any reason the grant is used for other than the stated purpose, the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw funding.

How to Apply

  • Complete all fields on the application form
  • Print the completed application
  • Attach supporting documentation as needed
  • Submit the application packet to First Option Bank Financial Services by the designated deadline
  • Multiple requests in a single calendar year from one organization are discouraged.

Complete Our Application Form

The rejection of a proposal should not be construed as a negative reaction to a particular organization or project, but rather as a selective choice on the part of the trustees to use limited resources in an alternative fashion.

All inquiries regarding the foundations should be directed to:

Charitable Foundations
First Option Bank Financial Services
Attn: Keri Peterson, Trust Officer
P O Box B, 702 Baptiste Dr
Paola KS 66071


All foundations meet annually in March. Requests must be received before March 1 each year to be considered.

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