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Upgrades are coming!

Integrating, updating and upgrading the core banking computer system to make banking easier and more convenient for you.

Pony Express Community Bank has completed its merger with First option Bank, and we're glad you're here! We've worked hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. As the next step in the transition, we are integrating, updating and upgrading the core banking computer systems to make banking easier and more convenient for you. This upgrade will also make all your accounts and information even more secure, which is a top priority for us.

While most of the changes will happen behind the scenes, there will be times where it will affect some of the services you may use. We've created this page to share updates and information on how you can prepare and ensure a smooth transition. We will work quickly and efficiently so that our technology upgrade is as seamless as possible for you. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience and loyalty.

We realize you may have many questions about what is coming and hope the information we have put together below, will help answer those questions. As the planned core system upgrade date gets closer, we will also be posting more information here on our website so please check back and if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Things You Should Know
Be Prepared: Your Upgrade To-Do List & Reminders
Core System Upgrade At A Glance
Update Your Account Information
Customer Communication
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Make note of the upgrade weekend dates. Carefully read all email and mail communications from First Option Bank. 
  • Call the Customer Service Line (913)557-0800 or visit any branch with questions or concerns.
  • For the latest information and details, visit
  • Check your available balance(s) as you WILL NOT have access to your available balance during upgrade weekend.
  • Download copies of any cleared checks or statements you may need during upgrade weekend.

Important Dates & Times

  • June 19 - 22, 2020: System Integration Weekend

  • June 19th
         3pm CST | Mobiliti App will be removed from App Stores.
         4pm CST | Business Online Banking - No Access 
         4pm CST | Checkfree RXP and Small Business Bill Pay - No Access
         4pm CST | Mobiliti App - Inquiry Only 
         4pm CST | Online Banking - Inquiry Only
  • June 22th 
    10am CST | Mobility App - Deactivated 
         10am CST | Online Banking - No Access
  • July 31st
         11pm CST | Pony Express Community Bank Website - Deactivated

"Upgrade Weekend"

  • All branches will have normal hours. Click for Locations hours.
  • Online and Mobile Banking will NOT be available after 4:00pm CST on June 19th.
  • Credit cards WILL continue to work as usual. 
  • Debit cards will continue to work as usual, but will have a temporary daily limit from June 19th - 22nd.
  • ATMs will be available. (Balance Inquiry will NOT available).



Upgrade To-Do List

Our First Option Bank team is working hard to minimize inconveniences and interruptions to your banking services during our transition to the upgraded system. Here is what you can do to help:

  1. Call your local branch or our customer service line at (913)557-0800 prior to June 19th if you have new information or would like to verify your phone number, address, email address and current information.
  2. Note the technology upgrade dates on your calendar. The majority of our technology upgrade will take place Friday, June 19th - Monday, June 22nd. Keep in mind that mobile banking, online banking and bill pay, will be unavailable during this period. While unlikely, we may experience brief interruptions with other First Option Bank services.
  3. Have multiple payment options available. While we anticipate no interruptions on your debit card or ATM services, we suggest having alternate payment methods on hand, just in case. You might consider having cash, checks or a credit card with you. Keep in mind, you can get cash back at many point-of-sale locations.
  4. Prior to June 19th, we recommend you print or download a year's worth of statements for your records.
  5. On or after June 22nd, verify recurring transfers and electronic bill payments in your online banking. These schedules and items will convert to the new system, but we ask that you confirm that all information is correct on or after June 22nd. Making a record of your current information before the upgrade will make this process easier.


Upgrade Reminders

Mobile Banking

  • Current app becomes inactive on Monday, June 22nd.

  • New app can be downloaded at 8:00 am Monday, June 22nd.

Online Banking

  • Beginning Friday, June 19th at 4:00 pm, the current online banking system will be in inquiry mode.  What this means, you will be able to see your transactions and account history at a snap shot however the functionality of the system will be limited.
  • Call to set up your new online banking account as early as Monday, June 22nd and enjoy the convenient benefits of the new system like enhanced security, mobile deposit, and zelle.


  • ATMs withdrawals should not be impacted.
  • ATMs will start accepting deposits on Monday, June 22nd.

URGENT - Bill pay outage will begin 3pm on Friday June 19th until Monday June 22nd.


The upgrade will require you to take some simple, one-time steps in order to make your telephone, online, and mobile banking services compatible with the new system. We never want to ask you to do anything that makes banking more complicated, but again, the sole purpose of this update is to provide easier and more secure banking for you, so we’re confident you’ll find these one-time, minor inconveniences well worth it.

Please call our Customer Service Line (913)557-0800 after Monday, June 22, 2020 for assistance setting up these services.



Service Availability During Upgrade Weekend

 Friday June 19Saturday June 20Sunday June 21Monday June 22
  All BranchesOpen Normal Business HoursOpen Normal Business HoursCLOSEDOpen Normal Business Hours
  Business Online BankingNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Access through
  Online BankingAvailable Until 4pm
Inquiry Only 
Inquiry OnlyInquiry Only

Access through

  Online Bill PayNot Available
Available until Friday, June 19 at 3pm
Not AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Access through
  Mobile BankingAvailable Until 3pm
Inquiry Only 
Inquiry OnlyInquiry OnlyAvailable
Download the First Option Bank App
  Debit Cards

Use Current Card

Use Current Card
Use Current Card
Use NEW First Option Bank Debit Card




Please make sure that we have your most up to date contact information including: address, email and cell phone number. Feel free to give your local branch a call, our customer service line (913)557-0800, or drop by any of our nine locations and one of our friendly First Option team members will be happy to help you out!









Account Information Questions

  1. What is a core conversion?
    • The core processing system is the computer software that First Option Bank uses to preform transactions and maintain customer information. A core conversion entails updating the core processing system for better service.
  2. Why is First Option Bank converting to a new core processing system?
    • As the bank continues to grow, it is necessary to enhance our core processor in order to provide our customers with efficient products and services.
  3. Is my personal data safe during the conversion?
    • Yes, your personal data is safe and secure.
  4. Are my funds safe and secure?
    • Yes, your funds remain safe and secure. Each account is fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $250,000.00.
  5. Will First Option Bank’s routing number change?
    • No, First Option Bank’s routing number will remain 101114109.
  6. What will happen with the Pony Express Community Bank routing number?
    • We are maintaining the two Pony Express Community Bank routing numbers, and have special programming in place to route checks so items will clear properly. With that said, customers will need to start using the First Option Bank routing number 101114109 on any new check orders or when making wire transfer requests.
  7. What will change after the system upgrade?
    • Online banking will have a new log-in process, and you will need to re-enroll or sign-up for online banking by calling your local branch or a First Option Bank team member at (913)557-0800. 
    • Our First Option Bank Mobile App is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Please delete the former Pony Express Community Bank App.
    • You will be receiving a new debit card, and will need to update the PIN number for that new debit card.
    • Online Bill Pay, payees and payments. You will need to re-enroll in Online Bill Pay after Monday, June 22nd by calling your local branch or a First Option Bank team member at (913)557-0800.
    • *Some account numbers have changed. If you have not heard from a First Option Bank team member by June 1, 2020, your account number has not changed. If your account number has changed, a team member has called regarding the change.
  8. What is not changing after the system upgrade?
    • Friendly First Option Bank Employees
    • Checks, however if you would like updated checks please call or visit your local branch.
    • Credit Cards.
    • Pre-authorized payments and direct deposits. Please verify amounts and frequency post conversion.
  9. What are the new benefits after the upgrade?
    • Mobile Deposit
    • Instant Issue Debit Cards
    • Coming Soon - School Logo Debit Card Program
    • Overdraft Privilege
    • Fun Buddy Kid’s Savings Accounts
    • Zelle
    • Online Loan Applications
    • Faster Loan Processing Times
    • More In-Network ATMs
    • Access to the Financial Services Department: Trust Services, Investment Services, Insurance Services
  10. When will customers see the changes?
    • The new system changes will be implemented on June 19, 2020. Customers will begin to see the changes on Monday, June 22, 2020.
  11. Will I need new deposit slips?
    • No, you will not need new deposit slips.
  12. Will I still be able to use my checks?
    • Yes, you will be able to use your checks. However, if you would prefer updated ones please contact your local branch or (913)557-0800.
  13. Will I notice any changes on my statements?
    • Yes, the look of your statements will be enhanced, but your account information will remain the same.
  14. Will I be able to view my previous statements in online banking after core conversion?
    • No, you will not be able to view your previous statements in online banking. If you need access to your previous statements contact your local branch or (913)557-0800.


  1. What will happen to my outgoing direct deposit or ACH debits?
    • Your outgoing direct deposit and ACH debits will continue as scheduled.
  2. Will my incoming automatic payments/direct deposit continue to work?
    • Yes, all incoming automatic payments and direct deposits will continue to work.


  1. Will my debit card continue to work during the conversion?
    • Your debit card will continue to work until June 22nd. However, during conversion weekend, there will be a temporary daily limit.
  2. Will I receive a new credit card?
    • You will not need a new credit card.
  3. Will I receive a new debit card?
    • You will receive a new debit card in the mail prior to June 18th
  4. Will I be able to use the ATM on the weekend of June 19, 2020?
    • You will be able to use the ATMs as normal, but there will be a temporary daily limit during conversion weekend.
  5. Will my Pony Express Community Bank and/or First Option Bank Visa Credit Card work?
    • Your Pony Express Community Bank and/or First Option Bank credit card will be available during the conversion.


  1. Will My Online Banking user-ID change?
    • We will try to use your current user-ID, but cannot guarantee that it will remain the same if it has already been taken in the system. 
  2. Will my Online Banking password change?
    • Our online banking will have a new log-in process which will require you to create a new password. 
  3. Will I be able to access Online Bill Pay?
    • You will not be able to access Online Bill Pay during the conversion.
  4. Will I be able to access Online Banking?
    • Online Banking will be unavailable during the conversion process. Services will resume on June 22, 2020 at 10am. You will need to re-enroll by calling a first Option Bank Team Member at (913)557-0800.
  5. What can customers do to prepare for the conversion (before and after)?
    • Please see the conversion To-Do list via

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