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At First Option Bank, we pride ourselves on offering "Banking at Its Best." Please contact us for further assistance if you don't see what you need here.



Switch Kit

We make the switch to First Option Bank easy!

Follow these 4 easy steps to experience Banking at its Best!

  1. Open your new First Option Account
    Visit the First Option Bank location nearest you and one of our friendly customer service representatives will help you choose the right option for your particular needs.
  2. Switch over your direct deposits
    Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form provided here and give it to your employer. If you receive Social Security, visit any branch and we’ll assist you with a simple phone call to move your direct deposit to First Option Bank.
  3. Switch your automatic withdrawals and payments
    Fill out the automatic payment form provided here and send to any company or organization authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your account. You may fill out a form to contact anyone who makes automatic charges to your old check card too. They will need your new card numbers and expiration dates.
  4. Close your old account
    Stop using your old account but leave it active until all direct deposits and automatic payments have been successfully switched to First Option Bank. Then use the form provided here to close your account and request a check for your remaining balance. Destroy your old checks and ATM/check cards.