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Safe Deposit Boxes

How safe are your valuables? Don’t risk losing your personal or business valuables to fire, theft, water damage, or misplacement. A safe deposit box at First Option Bank is a convenient, secure place to store important documents, collectibles and family heirlooms; all those important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. A safe deposit box also offers privacy since only you know what is inside.

  • Place important documents and valuables in a secure location
  • Deposit and retrieve your valuables at any time during normal business hours in total privacy
  • For added convenience, rental fees may be automatically deducted from any First Option Bank account

Annual fees are as follows:

Size* Cost**
5x5 $25.95
3x10 $30.95
4x10 $35.95
5x10 $40.95
10x10 $70.95

* All box sizes listed may not be available at all locations.
** There is an additional fee of $5.95 if a billing is mailed.