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Financial Services

702 Baptiste Dr
Paola, KS

Acquiring wealth is one thing; managing it wisely is another.  Many of us may lose track of where we stand and where we’re going.  We can underestimate our resources or we don’t make full use of them.  Risks go unrecognized, and opportunities remain unexplored.

Proper financial planning is an integral part of helping families get the most benefit from their financial resources, now and in the years to come.  Whether you’re planning for retirement, paying for college, or protecting your family, we are a resource for your financial success!

Contact one of our Financial Services professionals today for a free consultation and we’ll help you create a strategy with the right options for you and your financial goals.   The sooner you start planning for your financial future, the more options you will have!

Picture of Christian Toman - Private Banking Officer
Christian Toman
Senior Trust Officer
Senior Investment Officer

Picture of Carolyn Jacobs - Trust Officer
Carolyn Jacobs
Senior Trust Officer

Picture of Dave Hallstrom - Senior Investment Officer
Dave Hallstrom
Senior Investment Officer

Picture of Mike McCauley - Senior Investment Officer
T. Michael McCauley
Senior Investment Officer

Picture of Ivy Cole - Investment Officer
Ivy Cole
Investment Officer

Picture of Betty Hewitt - Trust Officer
Betty Hewitt
Trust Officer

Picture of Amy Winterscheid - Trust Officer
Amy Winterscheid
Trust Officer

Picture of Keri Peterson - Trust Officer
Keri Peterson
Trust Officer


Trust Services
Insurance and Investment products are:
Not a Deposit – No Bank Guarantee – Not insured by FDIC or other Government Agency